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Successful completion of the third phase

Hope project has reached the end of its third and the beginning of the fourth phase, having Sustainable Design and Materials Guide (Intellectual Output IO3) ready for translation to all project languages, while at the same time building up the Innovative Massive Open Online Course (MOOC – Intellectual Output IO4).

The MOOC and therefore the training developed will be available in all partner languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Serbian, Romanian). Two different MOOC will be developed one for engineers who will be specialised in Sustainable approach and smart use of materials for designing a modular house, and one for technicians/workers who will be specialised in techniques and methods for modular sustainable constructions assembly and disassembly steps for technicians - builders.

These online courses, (MOOC) will be designed in order to help learners create a safe and positive online experience. They will accomplish that by reading, watching videos and doing activities. The training materials of the courses will be interactive, and engaging, it will consist mainly of audiovisual material and learners of both profiles will learn using concrete examples, problems, and role - playing activities. The courses will consist of the learning modules that will be defined by the training needs analysis that will be carried out during the development of the two job profiles.

The course will be available here.

The HOPE partners gathered in the northeast of Spain, in Mollet del Valles, for the fourth project meeting. Our hosts was The City Council of Mollet del Vallès, a local public administration that employs 350 civil servants and supplies public services to a population of almost 52.000 inhabitants. During our partner's meeting, status on IO3 and IO4 was discussed - progress of the asembly guide, visit to Riera Seca Arena, technical visits to Maneca, Tallfusta and Wood and Furniture Guild of Catalonia.

 Technical Visit to the Wood and Furniture Guild of Catalonia


Macusa - Maderas Cunill is an importer company, offering a wide range of Bathing huts wooden, Building elements and sections wooden prefabricated, Buildings These Bathing huts wooden, Building elements and sections wooden prefabricated, Buildings are sourced from reliable vendors of the industry, who manufacture these as per international industrial standards.

Tallfusta S.L. 

Talfusta is a family owned company, with extensive experience in the wood construction sector. They became one of the pioneers in structural solutions and refabricated construction with wood, in the 75 years of their work history. This Spanish company is carrying out their activity according to the patterns of sustainable construction based on passive construction criteria, with a goal to offer their clients a comfortable home.


The HOPE project and its potential for a wider application was presented at the Thessaloniki International Fair, Greece. A workshop was held on Saturday 16th of September. The title of the workshop was "Housing people in need using sustainable, locally sourced materials" and it was embraced with a big interest, especially after the last devastating floods that took place this September in Thessaly, Greece. Our hope is to initiate the construction of such small housing units! The Technical Chamber of Greece, in collaboration with the Institute of Wood Furniture & Wooden Packaging, organised a workshop entitled: "Applications of new technologies in Timber Buildings" In this event, the availability of engineered wood was presented for constructing timber units made off - site in a very short time. The project HOPE, was presented as an option to train engineers and foremen toward achieving this goal".

Co-founded by Erasmus+ Programme.

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