Intellectual Output (IO4)

Innovative Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) in the field of designing modular houses
Duration: 14 months.     Starts at: M11. Ends at: M24
The MOOC will be developed using Open-Source software and e-learning tools. The outcomes from the other three Intellectual Outputs will be used. The MOOC and therefore the training developed will be available in all partner languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Serbian, Romanian). Two different MOOC will be developed. One for engineers who will be specialised in Sustainable approach and smart use of materials for designing a modular house, and one for technicians/workers who will be specialised in techniques and methods for modular sustainable constructions assembly and disassembly steps for technicians-builders. These online courses, (MOOC) will be designed in order to help learners create a safe and positive online experience. They will accomplish that by reading, watching videos and doing activities. The training material of the courses will be interactive, and engaging, it will consist mainly of audiovisual material and learners of both profiles will learn using concrete examples, problems, and role-playing activities. The courses will consist of the learning modules that will be defined by the training needs analysis that will be carried out during the development of the two job profiles.