Intellectual Output (IO1)

Research – Knowledge Hub (RKH)
Duration: 12 months.     Starts at: M1. Ends at: M12
In this output (IO1) a “research–knowledge hub” (RKH) in the form of an electronic library will be developed and created. The RKH will contain detailed items of applied research in the field of timber construction design principles, circular economy, sustainable development and material availability in different regions of Europe.

The RKH will be an innovative tool for bibliographic search, an electronic library in all languages of the partners in which the project partners will upload complete methods of construction (assembly and disassembly), studies, reports, practical guides and case studies which are expected to assist on finding all the necessary resources under one umbrella. The purpose of the RKH is to be a valuable tool in the hands of both researchers but mostly for the professionals who are actually involved in the whole phase of delivering a modular unit for people in need (from design to construction). The key users of this output are targeted to be engineers (architectures, structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers etc) and technicians/builders/foremen (the ones who will actually construct every modular project). The RKH will be an Internet-based application (Web application), which will operate with free access to all interested parties and will enable them to search for all the associated resources with a series of criteria such as year of publication of the source, source language, the field of interest, type of source, author, etc. The search criteria of the available sources can be combined to offer the best result in terms of identifying the most recent trends and case studies for modular settlement units. For each report/source that will be uploaded on the RKH, there will be a short summary as well as keywords for a better understanding and utilisation of each source.