Case Lemn Bernard srl is a Romanian company founded in 2014, specialized in massive wood constructions. However, the production team has a prior history and major experience in manufacturing wooden houses, having in its portfolio around 300 houses built in Romania and abroad (mainly in France) between 2003 and 2014. 

We are specialized in constructions built either in round logs (spruce and fir) hand-crafted, with an average of 250 mm, using the well-known Scandinavian technique  (saddle notch) for assembling. and also from rectangular beams, mechanically processed using the joint in groove and feder (of the wall beams). 

We are also manufacturing the doors and windows for our houses, flooring tiles and the roof structure’s elements. 

The company is conveniently located in a hills and mountain area surrounded by forests, very near to the main recreational and holidays resorts from the southern Carpathians of Romania therefore Case Lemn Bernard is one of the important suppliers for vacation and residence houses built in massive wood in this region. 

We have our own project and design department which is using a professional German software – SEMA® - which is designed for wooden houses. We are working with our own projects or with customized ones, according to customer’s choice.

Our team is dedicated to innovation and is continuously improving the production techniques whilst the wooden constructions are being promoted more and more in Europe as a healthier choice for the environment being currently a more ecological and sustainable product compared with the houses made from concrete or bricks.