Intellectual Output (IO3)

Sustainable Design and Materials Guide for constructing a Modular Micro-Unit (SUDMAG).
 Duration: 16 months.     Starts at: M3. Ends at: M18
This output (SUDWAG) is not only about presenting a practical guide but mainly about creating a new philosophy and approach on how to choose the right materials, design, prefabrication, transport, build-assembly, and reprocess after the end of its use for constructing a modular building unit. Small units are to be joined together to form a practical and comfortable modular micro building to host size-wise different ranges of people with dissimilar needs and for different reasons (health issues, natural disasters, migration). All these by taking into consideration and with respect to the natural resources, the people, and the places where these units will be temporarily placed.

One basic feature of innovation is the “upcycling” approach of the SUDMAG. This means that materials after use won’t be wasted but are valuable resources for a new project. The most important parameter in this task is to consider during all stages, from design to construction, that this unit will be disassembled after the end of use and will be reassembled in future use with a near-zero waste approach. This will include not only materials but energy and logistics as well.  

The key aim of the SUDMAG is to be used by any stakeholder with regard to building an accommodation unit under the “reuse principal”.

We expect to have direct users for the SUDMAG which are primarily Engineers, Technicians and construction companies (for the implementation phase) in the field of building construction, and secondly Public Governmental Bodies (their building services), Civil Protection authorities and other relative stakeholders.